How To Quit Smoking - 50 Excuses To Keep Smoking

Here are 50 motives humans have given to provide an explanation for why they shouldn't cease. Perhaps you can relate to a number of those. The phrase reasons of path ought to get replaced with excuses. A key to gaining knowledge of the way to quit smoking is to set these excuses aside.

1. I'm too pressured now.

2. I'm too busy.

Three. I'm not equipped but.

4. I'll give up after.....

5. I like to smoke.

6. It helps me loosen up.

7. My buddies all experience cigarettes.

Eight. I'm afraid I'll put on weight.

9. I get too angry once I try to cease.

10. It allows me after I'm bored.

11. I like to smoke when I drink.

12. It facilitates me to suppose.

Thirteen. I want to light after a meal.

14. I like to smoke with espresso.

15. I like a cigarette after sex.

Sixteen. I constantly smoke while at the cellphone.

17. I like smoking and using.

18. I enjoy smoking whilst watching tv.

19. Smoking makes me less traumatic.

20. Smoking keeps me skinny.

21. I like to start my day with a smoke

22. I like to take a seat on my patio and have a cigarette before bed.

23. Smoking gives me a spoil from my paintings.

24. Smoking is cool.

25. My father smoked till he become 90, he turned into OK

26. The authorities are just looking to scare us.

27. You ought to die from something.

28. I will give up when I need to.

29. I can give up each time I choose.

30. Nobody tells me what I need to do.

31. I keep myself healthful I won't get lung cancer.

32. Quitting is just too difficult, I'd rather keep smoking.

33. I do what I need after I need.

34. Nobody knows I smoke besides.

35. I smoke outdoor so no person must be stricken.

36. I can come up with the money for it.

37. I don't tell my health practitioner I use cigarettes.

38. I simplest smoke from time to time.

39. I only have a pair 0f cigarettes a day.

Forty. I only smoke once I drink.

41. I smoke socially; I can prevent after I need to.

Forty two. I'm no longer hooked: I'm on top of things of my smoking.

43. My smoking doesn't annoy others.

Forty four. It's my right to smoke if I need to
forty five. I'm suit enough so why end.

Forty six. I'm already sick so what does it count number now.

Forty seven. Nobody cares about me, why should I.

48. Smoking is not as terrible because the authorities says; there are millions of people who smoke, they're no longer dropping lifeless anywhere.

49. If smoking would not kill me something else will.

50. If smoking become so bad then the authorities could ban

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