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Why The Heck Are You Still Smoking?

I understand you are an smart person and that you totally understand all the fitness motives why you need to give up smoking. But you do not give up. So why?

You tell me you are addicted, but you have got used the patches and the gum and that they did now not paintings, so because of this there is more to it than an dependancy to nicotine. What can or not it's that is causing you to buy dying and inhale it each day?

What? Oh sorry if that become difficult, however it's miles authentic - you're shopping for your very own dying. Incidentally, it does no longer do any proper to the health of all people you come into contact with either.

Let's get down to the 'nitty gritty' here, we want to find the actual reasons you're smoking, earlier than you will be capable of end. Time to observe a few feasible reasons.

1. Addiction to nicotine! OK we have agreed that the patches did no longer paintings, so it's far extra than only a bodily addiction.

2. It is a addiction. Well sure it is however habits may be broken; modern know-how has it that you could break a dependancy by using replacing it with any other - ideally one less dangerous!

3. Fear of preventing smoking - are you fearful of thoughts like 'what could I do with my hands?' Really, is the cigarette this sort of large a part of your persona? Aren't you extra than just a cigarette holder?

4. Fear of getting fats, due to the fact smoking stops you ingesting an excessive amount of. Really? I see overweight or even obese people smoking, do not you?

So it would seem the primary motives which hold you smoking are connected to worry. It is your subconscious mind that's controlling what you do. There is a mnemonic about worry, it's far F-fake, E-evidence. A- acting, R- real. Your subconscious thoughts is using this fake proof.

Somehow it's been convinced that smoking makes your life easier and protects you. We realize consciously that that is false, consequently we need to train your unconscious thoughts to recognize this too.

It is the emotional safety portion of the unconscious thoughts that's maintaining you smoking, and it goes again an extended way, to that first cigarette experience. Thinking on an emotional stage, the day you managed to smoke your first cigarette, you will have been getting the emotional highs which are so important while you are younger.

Look at the new `cool` me, I appear to be an grownup, like one of the gang. I am not a 'mummies boy or girl' any extra. This makes an excellent feeling for your subconscious mind and so the unconscious thoughts thinks that smoking cigarettes is an emotionally high-quality thing for you. You certainly have to disabuse it of that perception.

This response of the unconscious mind is why humans sense the inner 'tug of battle' - that may make it plenty more difficult to give up.

You just do not want that kind of emotional assist any extra. You are someone. Look at me the successful business man, observe me with my beautiful spouse, my amazing buddies. These want to be the messages you deliver your subconscious. Write 'I am a successful non-smoker' on cards, hold one on your pockets stick one on the fridge and the toilet replicate, be happy with this new individual and smash the addiction.

If you need a few extra appropriate motives, consider this. Why is smoking so unpopular, traumatic and taken into consideration anti-social?

1. Bad Breath. Your breath really stinks, it's miles terrible sitting near you whilst you open you mouth. Breath fresheners or mints, you must be joking, it's miles still there, we choose now not to partner with you.

2. Passive Smoking. Why are you looking to kill me? When you smoke there may be that steady flow of smoke which pollutes the location. Please be aware about what you're doing and do now not inflict your dependancy on me.

Three. Litter. OK you placed the applications inside the bin; sure of course you do however what approximately the 1,000s of cigarette ends everywhere in the vicinity. They are muddle too.

4. Nipping out from the workplace for a smoke. Let me let you know the reality: we resent it, whenever. You are dishonest the agency and us your colleagues.

5. More smells. We don't want to scent your stale smoke inside the elevators or the rest rooms, ashtrays and bins are disgusting. When you all stand smoking out of doors the office we should walk thru the stale smoke, so we odor too.

6. Clothes, motors and taxis. Before I overlook, your clothes odor too. I will now not purchase a vehicle a smoker has smoked in, or sleep in a motel room a smoker has smoked in. You are costing the hotel trade money. You pollute their inns and others will no longer stay in them.

Oh via the manner thanks for leaving the group for a smoke however your breath still smells when you come lower back, so do not breath on us please.

Think approximately those ideas Mr or Mrs Smoker, exchange your subconscious thought procedure. Smoking does not make me one of the men it makes me an outcast, write that on a card and preserve it where you can see it.

You should honestly agree with that you may forestall, and that stopping will make your life better, earlier than you may wreck the dependancy. Remove the idea that smoking makes me feel true and update it with 'smoking makes me experience awful.' Reload the records in you subconscious and kick the dependancy, to preserve your (non-smoking) friends.

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