Indoor Health Care Network Cites January as Peak Indoor Living Health Month

January includes us absolutely into winter "indoor residing" wherein the air may be a ways greater stagnant and polluted than exterior, in truth from 5 to 20 to even 100 percent worse, according to the EPA.
Our recognition at Indoor health Care Network is to create healthier interior for you at home, and at paintings, and decrease the indoor culprits that motive sickness.

You may additionally have took place alongside our web page immediately, or you have been referred through a physician or fitness care professional who is also an Indoor Health Care Associate. In both case, you're welcome to explore the blessings, merchandise and programs available right here for you and your own family.

The IHCN website: http//www.Indoorhalthcare.Com functions an internet indoor fitness care shop where you should purchase products and services to assist your indoor surroundings. We additionally provide academic services for health care people to see beyond the affected person, to the indoor surroundings.

Our on-line counselors can recommend you on air and water purification remedies, plus scores of other reaping benefits ways to enhance the indoors.

Please use our web page as your circle of relatives's resource for ongoing indoor environmental education, in addition to your indoor environmental products on line store.

December-- a time to come back into "healthful indoors."

Did you realize the air we breathe 15,000 to 35,000 instances a day affords over 90% of our existence strength?
With allergies doubling since the 1970's, and bronchial asthma growing at epidemic proportions, it is no surprise attention has grown among a doctor and affected person to see past the affected person, to the home surroundings.TM

Start your circle of relatives indoor health care plan today. At IHCN, we'll assist you reduce the indoor causes for sickness, reversing these traits thru schooling, a partnership along with your own family and our group, and the introduction, one piece at a time, of the necessary tools of products, packages and services.

The high-quality area to start may be to attain a REM Mate entire health air purifier in your bed room. Afterall, drowsing is the regenerative time that your matabolism desires natural air the most. IHCN developed and manufactures this product, with a assure it will improve your sleep and your private home.

Doctors, Allergists, and health care specialists, in their function as an Indoor Health Care Associate, refer sufferers and customers to IHCN for the following motives:

o Indoor Health Care Associates look past the patient's symptoms, to their home environment indoor fitness care desires. Till now, doctors treated symptoms, then returned patients back domestic, to the scene of the crime.

OIHCN's website presents credible assets for families and health care experts, bringing collectively ongoing schooling applications in addition to healthy domestic services and products. We're here online, and look ahead to speakme with you. Call us at 716-824-1505.

OIHCN offers the great elegance of products (e.G., which include air purifiers that are FDA Class II Medical Devices) and we're proper in your own home community, with links to certified indoor air satisfactory provider carriers, for testing, remediation, and ordinary indoor environmental development.

O Guidelines for IHCN's programs, services and products are in coordination and support of the US Environmental Protection Agency, Food and Drug Administration, American Lung Association, American Heart Association, Association of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Engineers, American IAQ Council, National Air Duct Cleaners Association, National Science Foundation, the Indoor Air Quality Association, and Your Family Needs.

Our Mission at Indoor Health Care Network

At IHCN, we guarantee that healthful technology-based environmental intervention applications are realistic and affordable for every own family, with the assist and guidance in their indoor fitness care professional.

Doctors and fitness professionals have for too long been treating simplest the signs of what causes up to fifty percent of our ailments-- the very interior in which we live!

Today's doctors and fitness care professionals are converting that, as Indoor Health Care "qualified" Associates.

Let's construct on whole circle of relatives health, collectively, beginning today!

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